mardi 22 avril 2014


Summer 2014

Walk in the garden
With a pique-nique
 Strawberries and french cheese
Wear your sunglasses
Lying on a comfy blanket
Listen the birds and look the clouds

jeudi 17 avril 2014


A beautiful place, a fuc*ing good programming, a sunny and hot weather and a parade of boho, hippy looks.
It's always a event when Coachella festival begins. For some peoples, like me, we are interested by the artists who come play and for the others, it's the place to be.
It must be admitted, it's expensive and if I can to go, I don't know if I can have my place.. 
But it's the game and we don't lose the main, it's a beautiful festival, a creativity and originality place, with colorful tipis, a ferry wheel, lights in the palm trees at the edge of a lake, in the middle of the desert.

I did a selection of my favorites looks of some celebrities.

I think, Coachella is the new word for cool. "Oh look this girl, she is so Coachella !"

Lindsay Lohan is the queen of Coachella

dimanche 13 avril 2014

114. Keep Your Calm, It's The Week End ! #28

Wild Beasts

Who : Hayden Thorpe, Tom Fleming, Ben Little & Chris Talbot.

From : England

Discovered : On MTV Rocks, with the good track Wanderlust. This friday, 11th, they was at Lyon, Marché Gare, with the music band M O N E Y. I did not go but if you can see this two music bands, go !

AlbumsLimbo, Panto 2008
              Two Dancers 2009
              Smother 2011
              Present Tense 2014

Tour : April 15th : Brussels
         April 16th : Paris
         May 31th : Dudingen
         June 6th : Athens
         June 27th : Moscow

.. more here

vendredi 11 avril 2014



I decided to create a collage. But like we doing in the 90's, you know with a chisel and a stick of glue .. But ok, I used the technology for scan it.

Well, you can find in this beautiful picture (ahah) inspired by the 90's mixed with the 70's and the tropics. And when I think about, my style don't change with the seasons. I just wear a pant for the winter and a short for the summer .. hmhmm ..

Kisses ! 

Short, Oversize tee shirt from UNIF
Swim suit, Sunglasses from Wildfox
Shoes from Vans and TopShop
Jacket, top from Marc Jacobs

Photos des sites Dollskill et Urbanoutfitters.

lundi 7 avril 2014


Vintage prints, sweet colors, sun photoshoot.
This is the Roxy's lookbook, so lovely, for the summer !
I'm a fan of prints, and this one, with the palm tree, is one of my favorite.

Summer 2014

vendredi 4 avril 2014